Simple way to prevent electrical house fires

16 Jul

It’s really simple to reduce the chances of an electrical fire in your home. You only have to do this once annually. What is it? Learn on the Handyman Blog.

Beauty Review: Profusion Glitterarri’s Journal Eye Shadow Palette

3 Dec
eye shadow palette

This eye shadow palette looks like a cute clutch, yet is travel size

I came across this adorable holiday adorned eye shadow palette at Walgreen’s and just had to review it for its awesomeness. The palette itself comes in three colors: silver, black, and red, and has a bow on the side that makes it look like a mini purse clutch. How cute is that?! It is the perfect size to fit in your purse for applying makeup on the go.

eye shadow palette

The colors go on as vibrantly and as rich as they appear in the palette!

Upon opening the palette, you will notice it has a convenient mirror, again perfect for doing makeup on the go. It also comes with a double-sided eye shadow applicator. The colors are vibrant,  rich and have a natural shimmer to them and there are a variety of colors ranging from green to purple to blue to brown, grey, and black (depending on the palette you get).

eye shadow

Green and light brown shades from Profusion Gliterrari's Journal Eye Shadow Palette

The colors go on as richly as they appear in the palette, and they stay on practically all day! This is a very rare find for me as I don’t use eye shadow primer. The variety of colors let you mix and match to create a ton of looks. Light and dark shades take this eye shadow from day to night. I like to use green on the bottom part of my eyelid and light brown on  top with a hint of white below my brow bone for a great day look. For night, try using the blue or purple on your lower lid and gray or black on top for a sultry look!

The holiday look of this eye shadow palette make it the perfect Christmas gift as well. When I bought it, it was surprisingly cheap – just $2.99. I am considering buying another one because I was so impressed with the quality of the eye shadow pigments both in the palette AND on my eyes! The only downside to this palette is the decorative top – it seems to be loose and could do with some glue. Even so, if you love cheap rich eye shadow pigments that looks just as good  as those expensive eye shadows, you will love this palette!

Me wearing my Profusion Gliterrari's Journal Eye Shadow Palette - I'm wearing the green and light brown shades!

Easy Breakfast Burritos

11 Nov

I love cooking and coming up with my own recipes. Here’s a really easy recipe I came up with that would be great for college students who may only have a microwave to cook in, or anyone who doesn’t have time to prepare an elaborate breakfast in the morning. And it’s so simple, you may find yourself making these breakfast burritos a breakfast staple in your home! This recipe yields two breakfast burritos.

This simple breakfast burrito recipe uses few ingredients and is so simple to make, you'll be making them all the time!

Flour tortillas – 2
Brown n’ serve sausage – 2 sausage patties
Eggs – 2
Cheese – any kind you like, 2 slices or enough shredded cheese for 2 tortillas
Milk (optional)
Salt and pepper (optional)

Before you start making these, get all your ingredients out for ease of preparation.

1. Crack open the eggs in a small bowl and mix them up well as if you
were making scrambled eggs, as that is essentially what you’ll be doing. I like to add a teaspoon or so of milk and salt and pepper in with the eggs for flavor/texture, but this is entirely optional. Make sure the eggs are completely mixed – i.e. no whole yolks.

2. Put the bowl in the microwave and check it/stir it every thirty seconds – a minute. When the eggs are no longer liquidy, they are done.

3. Get out two Brown n’ serve sausage patties – I use the original ones but it doesn’t matter what kind you use – and wrap them in a paper towel or put them on a microwave safe plate and cook them for 2 – 3 minutes. Lower wattage microwaves = more cooking time.

4. Arrange two flour tortillas on a microwave safe plate and microwave for about 10-15 seconds or until soft.

This is how you should fill your burrito. After filling, simply roll, fold the ends in and enjoy!

5. When cool, break up sausage patties into pieces and put one patty on each tortilla, in the center of the tortilla.

6. Put half of the egg mixture on each tortilla.

7. Tear each slice of cheese into thin strips and place one slice of cheese on each tortilla. I like to use Borden’s Sharp Cheese. If you used shredded cheese, sprinkle on as much cheese as desired.

8. Roll up the tortilla making sure to fold in the ends so your delicious fillings don’t fall out! I like to put the finished tortilla in the microwave for a few seconds so the cheese melts somewhat, but this is optional.


Random Acts of Kindness Day

6 Nov

Yesterday was Random Acts of Kindness Day, which is an unofficial holiday, yet a very important one. I think it’s awesome that someone decided to make a day to celebrate random acts of kindness. It’s like the opposite of Christmas, or Christmas in reverse – instead of giving “planned” gifts to your family and friends like you do on Christmas, random acts of kindness are “gifts” given randomly – they can be physically, like something somebody needs/wants, or they can be  acts, like helping someone with their groceries.

I love doing random acts of kindness when I get the chance to. I mentioned in a previous blog entry that I like giving out Thank You cards to people, an “act” that is often forgotten these days. I even held a contest to give away two blank cards to people in hopes that this act would be carried on by others.

My fiancé Joey does many random acts of kindness. One is giving someone on the interstate a jump start- how many times do you witness people just driving by when a car is on the side of the road? Another is climbing on the roof of his workplace to turn off and reset a fire alarm that a manager accidentally set off – something that is not in his job description.

Me and Joey were both able to do a random act of kindness a few months ago: we helped a young homeless man from Chicago get back on his feet by letting him stay with us, feeding him, helping him look for jobs, etc. Joey played Xbox with him too, and we both tried to make him feel at home as possible. We are glad to see he is now back home as a local church paid for a bus ticket for him to get back home to his family. We still keep in touch with him to this day and we are happy he is doing well and now has a job.

Karmaky is holding a contest where people post their random acts of kindess and people “Like” them on Facebook. If I win, I would receive a prize, plus get the opportunity to donate $100 to the charity of my choice. If my story touched your heart, please take a moment to go to Karmaky’s page and “like” my comment on their status. Here is a thumbnail of my status on Karmaky’s page – just click on the image to be taken to their contest:

My status is actually near the bottom of the page – I edited the picture so you can see Karmaky’s status message as well as show you the “Like” button the click on for my comment in the same picture.

What are some random acts of kindness you’ve done?

Twitter Giveaway Contest Blank Card WINNER!

1 Nov

Thank you to everyone who entered my Twitter giveaway contest! The time has come to announce the winner. Aaand the winner is: kuru005. Congratulations, kuru005. Please follow my blog/follow me on Twitter for more contests in the future!

Fun Facts: Statue of Liberty’s Surprising Value in Scrap Metal

28 Oct

I noticed the topic “Statue of Liberty” was trending on Twitter and wondered why. Low and behold, it is the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. My fiancé Joey asked me to look up what material the Statue of Liberty is made of and I found out it’s made of copper with a wood frame.

Statue of Liberty

If you’re thinking you can become a millionaire off the copper contained in the Statue of Liberty, think again.

Joey  takes scrap metal to the scrap yard in his spare time, and out of curiosity we both wanted to find out how much the Statue of Liberty would be worth in scrap metal.

First, we looked up the weight of the Statue of Liberty in copper, which is 62,000 pounds. Then we looked up the current price of copper as it fluctuates from day-to-day, which is $3.6469 per pound.  To calculate the scrap metal value of the Statue of Liberty, we simply multiplied the Statue’s weight in copper by the current value of copper per pound. Here are the surprising results of our calculation:

The Statue of Liberty is only worth $226,107.80 in scrap metal.  Add about $30,000 to this figure if you plan on scrapping its 250,000 pounds of steel. Compare that to the $64,000 francs, or $16,000 USD it cost in copper to construct back in 1876. Considering the historic value of The Statue of Liberty, you’d think it would be worth more, even in scrap metal, wouldn’t you?

Meet the mind behind the Statue of Liberty scrap metal calculations

Joey determined the value of the scrap metal contained in the Statue of Liberty. He’s actually looking for a handyman job right now in Petersburg, Virginia, so if you know of any jobs available, please let him know.

Sources: – Current price of copper

Wikipedia – Cost of copper to construct the Statue of Liberty - Weight of the Statue of Liberty in copper and steel

Chanel Inc. Shuts down Hundreds of Replica Handbag Websites

26 Oct replicasitesshutdown

I don’t usually do news stories on my blog, but I was shocked that there was only one small story on the news about this today and I couldn’t find any online articles about this at all.

Hundreds of replica handbag and accessory website have been shut down.

Hundreds of replica handbag websites have been shut down and replaced with this court document.

While I was browsing through accessory websites for fashion ideas, I noticed one website redirected to this: Chanel, Inc. has  filed a complaint against replica handbag, shoe, clothing, etc. online stores who are using their logo without their permission. As  a result of the complaint,  hundreds of replica websites have been shut down and have been replaced with this page:

If you scroll down in the court document to pages 17-32, it lists all the online stores that have been shut down. These online stores sell replica designer goods such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Hermes,  Chloe, etc.


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