Random Acts of Kindness Day

6 Nov

Yesterday was Random Acts of Kindness Day, which is an unofficial holiday, yet a very important one. I think it’s awesome that someone decided to make a day to celebrate random acts of kindness. It’s like the opposite of Christmas, or Christmas in reverse – instead of giving “planned” gifts to your family and friends like you do on Christmas, random acts of kindness are “gifts” given randomly – they can be physically, like something somebody needs/wants, or they can be  acts, like helping someone with their groceries.

I love doing random acts of kindness when I get the chance to. I mentioned in a previous blog entry that I like giving out Thank You cards to people, an “act” that is often forgotten these days. I even held a contest to give away two blank cards to people in hopes that this act would be carried on by others.

My fiancé Joey does many random acts of kindness. One is giving someone on the interstate a jump start- how many times do you witness people just driving by when a car is on the side of the road? Another is climbing on the roof of his workplace to turn off and reset a fire alarm that a manager accidentally set off – something that is not in his job description.

Me and Joey were both able to do a random act of kindness a few months ago: we helped a young homeless man from Chicago get back on his feet by letting him stay with us, feeding him, helping him look for jobs, etc. Joey played Xbox with him too, and we both tried to make him feel at home as possible. We are glad to see he is now back home as a local church paid for a bus ticket for him to get back home to his family. We still keep in touch with him to this day and we are happy he is doing well and now has a job.

Karmaky is holding a contest where people post their random acts of kindess and people “Like” them on Facebook. If I win, I would receive a prize, plus get the opportunity to donate $100 to the charity of my choice. If my story touched your heart, please take a moment to go to Karmaky’s page and “like” my comment on their status. Here is a thumbnail of my status on Karmaky’s page – just click on the image to be taken to their contest:

My status is actually near the bottom of the page – I edited the picture so you can see Karmaky’s status message as well as show you the “Like” button the click on for my comment in the same picture.

What are some random acts of kindness you’ve done?


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