Beauty Review: Profusion Glitterarri’s Journal Eye Shadow Palette

3 Dec
eye shadow palette

This eye shadow palette looks like a cute clutch, yet is travel size

I came across this adorable holiday adorned eye shadow palette at Walgreen’s and just had to review it for its awesomeness. The palette itself comes in three colors: silver, black, and red, and has a bow on the side that makes it look like a mini purse clutch. How cute is that?! It is the perfect size to fit in your purse for applying makeup on the go.

eye shadow palette

The colors go on as vibrantly and as rich as they appear in the palette!

Upon opening the palette, you will notice it has a convenient mirror, again perfect for doing makeup on the go. It also comes with a double-sided eye shadow applicator. The colors are vibrant,  rich and have a natural shimmer to them and there are a variety of colors ranging from green to purple to blue to brown, grey, and black (depending on the palette you get).

eye shadow

Green and light brown shades from Profusion Gliterrari's Journal Eye Shadow Palette

The colors go on as richly as they appear in the palette, and they stay on practically all day! This is a very rare find for me as I don’t use eye shadow primer. The variety of colors let you mix and match to create a ton of looks. Light and dark shades take this eye shadow from day to night. I like to use green on the bottom part of my eyelid and light brown on  top with a hint of white below my brow bone for a great day look. For night, try using the blue or purple on your lower lid and gray or black on top for a sultry look!

The holiday look of this eye shadow palette make it the perfect Christmas gift as well. When I bought it, it was surprisingly cheap – just $2.99. I am considering buying another one because I was so impressed with the quality of the eye shadow pigments both in the palette AND on my eyes! The only downside to this palette is the decorative top – it seems to be loose and could do with some glue. Even so, if you love cheap rich eye shadow pigments that looks just as good  as those expensive eye shadows, you will love this palette!

Me wearing my Profusion Gliterrari's Journal Eye Shadow Palette - I'm wearing the green and light brown shades!


One Response to “Beauty Review: Profusion Glitterarri’s Journal Eye Shadow Palette”

  1. misha December 10, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    makes me wanna run out and get one! Do the companys you review know you are giving them such good press!??

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