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A Poem About the Baltimore City Looting, Freddie Gray

29 Apr

Listen up, Baltimore:
Looting isn’t the answer to shooting
Destruction only causes obstruction
While you’re out there wreaking havoc
You make your own city sick
Beating police cars, rocks thrown at cops
Tearing apart your own city blocks
I understand the injustice you feel
But does destroying make things better, let’s get real
You want justice? Call your local politicians
Explain to them all your afflictions
Help a neighbor, do a good deed
Plant so many good seeds
That your anger turns to abundant love
Then Freddie Gray will be smiling from above
Channel that anger into something positive
Show Freddie Gray you’re determined to live
For more than the hatred and anger you give
Cause if he could look down now and see his city
I guarantee he’d only feel pity