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FREE Dog Treats, Toys, and Bones!

6 Feb

Hi, I’m Bella, aren’t I cute?! Thanks to my owner who’s the bestest, I am getting free dog bones, treats, and toys.

My dog Bella is getting free dog toys, treats, and bones and your dog can, too! Just go to Surprise My Pet and start referring friends, it’s that easy. The maximum prize is three free months of dog treats/toys/bones, but to get your first dog freebie, a premium dog treat, you only have to refer five friends.

Get your dog free bones/treats/toys today!


FREE Dog Treats and Toys

26 Jan

dog treatsGet FREE dog treats and toys for your pet just for referring friends. The more friends you refer, the greater the reward for your dog. Refer five friends and get a free premium dog treat. Refer 10 friends and get a premium dog bone and toy, refer 20 friends and get a free monthly box of dog goodies for one month, and refer 40 friends to get three free monthly dog goodie boxes.